April 8, 2007

Last night was miserable. I woke up every two hours to check on the dog, all I could think about was the mistakes I made with Kellogg, and I was just so worried all night, I barely slept, and I don’t think Sarah did much either.

We had to leave him alone a lot today. There was the long church service, and then later on during the day when we had lunch with friends. He did really well, he whined in the crate, but we expected that. The second time we got home, it may have been too long, he had some small sprinkles the moment we let him out of the crate, and when I got him outside he took a really long pee.

He has been really good so far, going very little inside at all. He grasped a lot of things right away, going potty outside, and he already does some sitting for treats, food, and water.

He got more rambuntious today, starting to bite a little more and not letting us pet him as gently as we got to yesterday. But he also got a lot more playful today, he was sprinting outside all over, hopping, eating grass and just being a cute puppy. It makes me that much more sad to think about Kellogg, and how sick he must have been. He just must have felt terrible a lot of the time, I don’t think he ever had this energy or stamina, especially on the first day.

Later on tonight we celebrated Sarah’s birthday, and started to tell people about him. We got some photos online for people, settled a little more on a name of “Nokes”. We had started with “Shark” because of the way he would crawl towards you on all fours, but it didn’t roll off your tongue how I liked, so even though it was different I didn’t think I wanted to call him that all of his life.

Today he climbed up the ledge and the steps to the house after we let him out, so that was really impressive, and he seems to be eating and drinking everything we put in front of him. He started to chew on the rattle fish a little today, as well as the blue bone. Sarah took him through the whole upstairs today, letting him explore, he is really curious. He loves to play underneath the bed, hiding, crawling around and exploring, it is really cute.

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