Ms. Pac-man Marquee Light Working.

Kenny was over this weekend, and he took a look at my connection behind my Ms. Pac-man marquee. He changed out the starter with the one that was in the Pengo, as well as the bulb, and found that both the Pengo starter and bulb worked fine.

So looked back at the light fixture and figured out that it was just that the connection needed a little push and on the marquee came! Exciting to have that lit up.

Unfortunately, I now realize why the operator in Ohio was selling this marquee. Although there is great color, there are some significant scratches. I don’t think I got a bad deal per say, I just know that deep scratches on the artwork of a marquee, which would have to come from behind, wouldn’t happen naturally.  So to say, “Hey, that’s just the age of the game” doesn’t exactly work.

But getting another one isn’t high on my priority list with what else I have to do with my other games.  Maybe sometime I’ll just come across one when talking with people.

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