May 23, 2007

For two days now Nokes has been sleeping on the floor in our room. He was sleeping on the bed on Sunday and Monday, but I didn’t want to make the transition harder. Sarah was just having problems sleeping with him on the floor because he moved around so much and she couldn’t sleep. He has done really well actually, hasn’t chewed up something he shouldn’t, has been quite, and hasn’t made any messes. Seems to like to hang out under the bed and sleep instead of his box tipped over. That is where he runs to sometimes anyway when we are home.

Yesterday Nokes met Sierra, which was interesting at the start. Sierra is pretty much a spaz Husky anyway, so I was nervous, for both of them. But after some initial signs Sierra chilled out and they both went on a walk together, Sierra in front as the alpha dog of course.

We have gone back to the can for teaching Nokes “bad”. He really doesn’t like our pop can filled with pennies, and wouldn’t go near Sarah for awhile yesterday, so hopefully that helps.

Oh, and almost forgot. The other little trick we found out about tonight. Apparently Sarah found Nokes laying long ways on the second to bottom stair last night. He had his head in his lap looking at something. Right in front of his nose was a spider, that Sarah thinks he killed either by stepping on, or biting, and was guarding the body. Very very odd thing for our puppy to do.

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