May 26, 2007

Memorial day weekend was an exciting one for Nokes, and a curious one for us. We went up to Michigan to introduce him to the rest of the family. He did really good at my parents house, barking maybe once. They were impressed with him that he was so well behaved and quiet. I think it was nostalgic for them to have a dog in the house again, and it made all of us happy.

Then he met Hunter. We kept him on a leash for most of the meeting period, which helped. He was jumping up and nipping at his ears, and Hunter was trying to pin him down. And as we found out a couple of times later, he tried to hump the heck out of him. I hope it was a dominance thing. But Hunter got tired of the little ball of energy. Nokes stole some attention and that wasn’t all. He was taking Hunter’s toys, trying to eat out of his dish and following him all over the place. It was really cute to see them run up together to great us, then simultaneous turn and run into the other room as a little father son pack. Soon enough there won’t be such a size difference, probably the next time we’re all together, maybe this Christmas.

Nokes did really well in the car too. He slept or sat clamly on the ride up. On the ride back he was a little more anxious, climbing back and forth a number of times into Sarah’s lap to span the ride.

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