Should I replace the Stern Frenzy Ribbon Cables?

I started to think that maybe the ribbon cables were bad, I read that these were also a source of problems with the game. I read in posts that people have replaced Stern’s ribbon cables in a number of ways. Either they find a known working set on ebay, they find exact cable replacements for the pin configurations, or in some cases they make their own.

I read somewhere that people used scsi cables as replacements, but I didn’t find that to be true. Scsi cables are pretty huge, and regular ATA cables where usually in configurations of 20×2 = 40 pins, or 22×2 = 44 pins. The two cables I took from the Stern Frenzy game where in configurations of 23×1 or 18×1. So, without knowing for sure if they were bad and pumping more money into a game I wasn’t going to keep, I decided to wait and see if another solution presented itself.

Frenzy Arcade Game - Ribbon Cable 1 AngledFrenzy Arcade Game - Ribbon Cable 1 StraightFrenzy Arcade Game - Ribbon Cable 2 AngledFrenzy Arcade Game - Ribbon Cable 2 Straight
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