Final Dimensions for Agent X Kickplate

I got the dimensions for the artwork over the weekend, so I decided tonight I would give it a shot and see how far things were off in terms of real dimensions.

The dimensions I was given for the Agent X kickplate artwork are; (Mind you, these are the same for a Crystal Castles and I even think a Star Wars cab)

  • Total Height of Kickplate / Coin Door Area = 29.625 in.
  • Total Width of Kickplate / Coin Door Area = 23.75 in.
  • Total Width of Coin Door (To Outer Frame Edge)= 8 in.
  • Total Height of Coin Door (To Outer Frame Edge)= 20 11/16 in.
  • Measurement down from top of kickplate to top of Coin Door edge = 1 1/2 in.

I don’t have a measurement from the left or the right of the kickplate to the inner edge of the Coin Door, which would give me very precise alignment, but this isn’t a film but a replication, so it will never be perfect.

When I made my Illustrator canvas the right size, and scaled everything up, I did really well. The Coin Door fit perfect in the spaces drawn for it. The only thing that I need to make a decision on is that the artwork is a little tall. There is excess border on the top, so nothing important that would be cut off for the most part. Now, I could just cut it off, and actually lose one green circle on the right, or I could scale it down to fit. It wouldn’t be proportionate, but for about .75 of an inch, you wouldn’t even notice the distortion unless you had two machines side by side. But one thing is for sure, I probably won’t go back and readjust all of the artwork just to get that green circle in the printing area at the top right.

I have to talk to Richard to kind of see what he thinks.

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