Finding electronics stores who carry my AMP connector

I posted in both groups about getting this connector, and no one responded. So, I decided to make an effort to stop at some electronic stores and find out if they had it. Plus, I had to get the diode for the audio board.

Well, I found out the connector is an AMP brand product, and I was able to get a phone number for Tyco Electronics, who apparently own AMP now. The part I needed is the female 9 pin connector, and the part number for this was 1-480707-0, or so I found out when I called their distribution center. Then came the run around. I was supposed to reference their distributors who had it in stock, a list of 40 of them, and then call them all to see which was in Indiana. Their site had no way to narrow it down. Pretty frustrating.

I called two people within the company for help, and they suggested a couple to try, helping me find a couple electronics stores I wasn’t familiar with on the northside of the city. I called Allied electronics, who have an office in Carmel. I wanted to see if they could just mail me a piece for cheap from their location there. Well, I got their home office in Fort Worth, TX, and this great sales rep I spoke with said it qualified as a sample, and that she would mail it to me for free! I was so pleased. They made a new customer! So I should have it in a couple of days.

I soldered on the diode when I got home, making a best guess on the polarity based on the schematic I had. So, once I get the connector I will try plugging everything in and see what I get. I am sure something else will go wrong, but I will know soon enough.

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