AMP connector arrives from Allied Electronics

Got the AMP connector in the mail today, so tonight, I spent the night checking everything and putting everything together. I probably could have done all of the work I did tonight a while ago, but at least now, as far as I know there is nothing that should be holding me up. I didn’t put on the connector, but I put in the PCB boards, checked all of my connections, but the cpanel back on and the monitor back in. It took a little while going back and forth between the machines, correcting some things, but finally it was time, and I powered it up. I got sound, humming on the monitor, but no picture. There is a led light on the PCB, but that is about it.

So, I don’t know what now. I wasn’t able to find where to plug in the RGB and Ground as well as sync, that is where I will start. There doesn’t seem to be any pins on this monitor, and it has been so long now since I unplugged that I can’t remember. There is a two hole molex connector on the 20 EZ monitor and another molex connector that doesn’t go to anything. Brent in KY has worked with these, so I emailed him, I hope he can help me out.

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