Jrok Pengo High Score Save Kit Released!

I was surfing last night and I saw that Jrok finally finished his Pengo High Score Saver kit back in late May. I am pretty excited about this, it has high score saving with extended tables, freeplay, attract mode, it can determine how fast the draw is of the blocks in the beginning, and you can choose which soundtrack you want. The last two options are paramount for me because I hate the soundtrack the game has now, probably a lot because I am used to playing it on Mame. (Say what you will).

The thing is, do I get the pack and have it sit until I get the game working? I think not. I don’t think I should plug it in to see if it fixes something either because what if the short blows this processor? So, it will probably have to wait, but maybe I will have to make this more of a priority fix as well. Hell I could take it out to Wagner Games considering I don’t have any money into the game so far in theory.

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