Measurements and more robots on Agent X kickplate

Felt refreshed enough now that I took a little bit of a break from working on this artwork that I got back at it today. I redrew the arms, or about 60% of them, from the closer more details photos I had gotten later on. I spliced that artwork into the robot I had, making a copy of the finished one before I started working and then I had a copy of the after as well.

I moved the robot over, duplicated it, rotated and sized it until I had three that fit really well like the originals on the kickplate.
Then I started to attack the borders. I drew the outer black border, and the beveled green towards the outside. I started to adjust them so I had straighter lines, things were equal, etc. etc. I evened up the top of the kickplate and called it good for now.

I had to get measurements from Richard on this piece probably next. But in terms of the art, I can make the artwork butt up nicer to the borders and I can check my spacing a little bit. I also have to make masks for the robots, because the way I drew it with negative space more than individual objects I can’t just push the robots back in the stacking order.

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