New Dig Dug Coin Door Amp Connector

Got the new AMP connector hooked up with the old coin door wires tonight, so that was pretty exciting. I coined up and played just fine, the coin door bulbs even came on. However I realized I hadn’t hooked up the Player 1 and Player 2 LED Cone buttons. So I had to go inside and check the connections on the other machine. The one button has solder on it for some reason, so I may just swap that one out. It has a broken cone, so it doesn’t even stay in the hole. I also had to re-attach the right side pump button.

Dig Dug Color Problem 1
Dig Dug Color Problem 2

But other than the fact that there was quite a red tint to the game, I got to play it tonight. The alignment is off a little, the guys look a little funny. I also noticed that the marquee light didn’t come on, so I have to figure that out. Plus, the sound, is deafening, just like my Pengo. I will have to see if there is a Pot for that somewhere, and if it is working.

So, every time I think I am close, there is something else minor going on. But I think I am still going to try to list the other game this weekend.

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