Rob Carroll’s Mr. Do! going on ebay

Earlier in the week Rob Carroll put his Mr. Do up for sale on ebay. He was so nice to offer it to me first. He had put a new monitor and power supply in the machine, so it had some nice additions, and he wanted a fair price for it. But with shipping it was just going to be too expensive, so I had to let it pass. So he listed it.

This got me motivated, now that I didn’t know if I would know anyone who owned this machine after the auction was over, to give PA Gamewarehouse a call. Rob had found a name, and that is who I asked for. Turns out the name was a little off, and a little research on the site would have turned up the correct one. Joe over there asked me to send and email kind of detailing what I was looking for and going into more depth of what I had started to explain on the phone. I did so, pretty in depth, so hopefully I will hear some sort of reply back soon. He wasn’t even sure if they had that game in the warehouse anymore.

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