June 14, 2007

Nokes had calmed down since I wrote about how uncontrollable he has become, but he has also started doing some bad dog stuff, destroying things around the house. We are at the stage where he understands what the trash is, and what it contains. That has just been in the last couple of days, so we have to shut doors, especially to the bathroom. He is funny, I’ll hear dashing footsteps upstairs, and come up to find him taking out the trash to the main areas piece by piece. He isn’t chewing them up as much as just getting them.

Then there was the big one. It was the week we got back from the Memorial Day weekend. He started hanging out in the basement under the bed. Well, we let him be down there one day without supervision for about a half hour. Well, for some reason he felt it important to get under the bed and start destroying the box springs lining. We have to watch him upstairs too. What he’ll do is bite and rip off pieces and either eat them or spit them out outside of the bed. We came down to find a perimeter of black lining around the bed. Cute and funny in away, but it pisses you off too. I know I would have felt different if it had been a couch.

That’s ok, he paid for it. The one morning last week he got sick, and kept throwing up. Well, in the end he pooped a big old black turd with all of the lining contained within. I am sure that felt good going down.

This week he has also started to chew on the couch covers if you aren’t watching him, as well as pants, underwear and other clothing. He has lost his first tooth somewhere, it is in the front of his mouth, so I know I am hoping that is the beginning of the end for the teething. That and we hope obedience class helps with that too.

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