June 28, 2007

Over the last week, I have noticed how much more barky Nokes has gotten. He still has the same amount of energy, but between barking at the neighbor dogs which run the neighborhood, at the fireworks lit off frequently on our street, at kids outside, or at us inside bouncing around thinking that we are playing, it is getting to be a touch overwhelming.

On Tuesday of this week I was playing with him, he was bouncing around and he bit at my face and got a little scrape down my nose that bled like the dickens. Not happy, especially on my face, not a good place to have it.

He has some new toys, the newest being a really large and hard Nyla Brand Bone. We got it on recommendation from the training class, and he has loved it. It is such an adjustment for me, because our family dogs rarely liked bones, so for him to be running around the house with it, throwing it around, and scraping his baby teeth against it is a weird idea.

The other thing I just thought of, we just noticed this week that he has some weird teeth. They are coming out on the roof of his mouth, inside the perimeter of his normal upper teeth. I wonder if this is breed specific or not.

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