June 9, 2007

Today was an exciting day for Nokes, the important thing to note was, towards the middle of the day he was asleep. Yeah! for us.

Sarah had taken the great initiative to check on the two doggie training schools we had referrals to. In the end, Saturday morning we decided that we would just take him to the Beech Grove training and call it good. It lasts for 6 weeks, and is once a week on the weekends. I wasn’t able to go the first session, I already had plans during the time it was going on since we made such a late decision.

Sarah learned some new things, she also got scolded because of our dog’s behavior. Once for letting Nokes “greet” the other dogs, which was probably warranted, the second, because he was sitting in Sarah’s lap, was not something we would have known and probably was uncalled for. But basically the two things she brought back for herself, you always need to give a command to also release your dog, which I already knew from training with my parent’s dog Bowen. We also both learned about dominance, and some of the things to watch for, like your dog getting up on you in any form. His paws cannot be on you. We learned some exercises to train him to let him know we are in charge, but he is also safe to let us take command.

Then, right after class, Christine brought Lady over again for a play date. She dropped her off for the dogs to hang out for two hours. Sarah was there by herself for most of it, and said they did alright. When I got there, I saw that they were running around the back, and playing, mock biting at each other and wrestling. It was pretty funny how Lady just toasted Nokes in terms of speed. She is really fast.

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