Wizard of Wor blown resistor

Made the effort to get down to Menuir Electronics tonight to get some replacement parts for my Wizard of Wor board, A084-90708-A961. I needed at least a resistor that had broken at one leg, and I thought I would try to find a replacement for the axial diode, or capacitor, or whatever the component is that blew up on my Wizard of Wor PCB.

I had printed out the schematics, but they appeared to be hand written, and weren’t a lot of help. I knew the resistor was a 2.7K, but that was about it. She couldn’t help me with the capacitors, but she did have a connection like the red one on the board that got melted with the long fingers.

I replaced the resistor and connector when I got home, and removed the blown up diode. I then got on the horn with another collector here in the area that has a working Wizard of Wor to see if he could help compare to help me fix what I needed. I sent him some photos. Then I emailed some other contacts to see if they could help me identify the parts I needed to replace the diodes.

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