Jr. Pac-man dedicated in Arkansas

One collector had told me that when you have a hard to come by game pop up on ebay, and go for a lot of money, all of a sudden you will see more of that game come out of the woodwork, usually operators looking to cash in.

Lately it seems like there have been a good deal of Jr. Pac-man’s on ebay that are dedicated but have Mappy sideart.

When we got back from Gatlinburg I saw that there was a Jr. Pac-man in Arkansas that was up for sale. It had been in storage for awhile, and the town was out in the middle of nowhere.

I asked for more photos, the three on ebay weren’t the best, and from I could see it seemed pretty beat up. I did get more photos, and the machine is beat to hell. I don’t think it would get much more than $200-$250 from a local collector and less from me since I would need to drive so far to get it.

I have been in touch with the lady who is selling it, she says she isn’t going to take less than $500 for it and is going to relist on ebay.

Good luck. I have been wrong before. The Jr. Pac-man in Marion, OH with painted black sides finally sold for $695 after being on ebay for a year, so you never know. Sometimes it just takes that buyer that just “has to have it.”

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