Dynamo Tetris Cabinet takes a 25″ monitor?

That would change things for me a little bit.  I had no idea until I got to looking at it yesterday and thought, there is no way I can just put a 19″ raster arcade monitor into this Tetris.  I did some measuring and asked Tim, and sure enough, I would need to do some woodworking or something else to mount the monitor I have in this cabinet.

So, I have to ask myself, is the work worth it?  It is a Jamma cabinet, I looked at that yesterday, so that is cool for a multi-use kind of situation, but do I want to do all the work on this game to get a monitor to mount?  Mind you, I feel like there would need to be some engineering because of the weight of the monitor in the cabinet, mounted to only wood in this case (currently), and then what?  I sell the game?  I don’t want to keep space just for a Tetris, I would rather have a Playchoice 10 for that.

I have to think about it really good.  Maybe I can sell that one two, but it is a lot more unlikely.

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