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Mr. Do is quite a popular, classic game. Play it once and you will be hooked. For that reason, it appears that any original versions of this game are hard to come by. The popularity of the game drove it to have one of the most popular and successful conversion kits ever made and as a result, most of the Mr. Do games you come across and conversions. I have seen a ton of them in the cabinets with the presidential wood siding venire. They have everything, the marquee, the control panel artwork, but they have nothing on the sides, which, for a guy who loves sideart is really disappointing.

Here’s a little other bit about the game’s history. Apparently even what I thought was the original cabinet from Universal, isn’t even true. If this is even true (skeptical) the original Mr. Do had a black joystick, and came from Japan. Most of the common ones were made by Universal in a very similar looking cabinet, but were actually conversions from another game called Lady Bug, and had an orange joystick. Therefore the true-true original Mr. Do’s out there are even that much more scarce. Check out photos below of the most familiar Mr. Do cabinet.

Mr. Do Game Universal Photo 1Mr. Do Game Universal Photo 2

Which brings me to the “White Sideart” version. I found out about this version / artwork in October of 2006. A friend of mine forwarded me an auction on ebay for a Mr. Do with some strange artwork on the side that I had never seen before. I didn’t think much of it, kept an eye on it, but it was about in Mass., so that would be quite a distance for this game.

Now, like I mentioned above, there were some conversion kits out there, possibly for both versions of the game, the white sideart and the regular version that most commonly had the green marquee. Some of the white conversion kits were more thoroughly applied than others, because the kit came with sideart but finding a machine with it applied is difficult. The artwork was printed on white with Mr. Do and his enemies in a maze like pattern with the cakes and fruits from the game. It is pretty different looking but I do like sideart, and in a way, I like this just as much as the original because the original was void of any real artwork other than the red lines on the side of the cabinet.

These are the photos that I have found so far of this cabinet. They are a little more plentiful in photos then they are in finding actual owners. Right now I know of none.

Mr. Do Conversion Sideart SetMr. Do Conversion Bezel 1Mr. Do Conversion Bezel 2Mr. Do Conversion Bezel 3Mr. Do Conversion Control PanelMr. Do Conversion Front 1Mr. Do Conversion Front 2Mr. Do Conversion Sideart Left 1Mr. Do Conversion Sideart Left 2Mr. Do Conversion Sideart Left 3Mr. Do Conversion Sideart Left 4Mr. Do Conversion Marquee 1Mr. Do Conversion Marquee 2Mr. Do Conversion Sideart Right 1Mr. Do Conversion Sideart Right 2Mr. Do Conversion Sideart Right 3

Please Contact Me With Information

If you own, or know anyone who owns one of these, or just know some more of the history of this particular version, I would love to know more. I would look to buy, but that is not the main idea. Most people who have rare, or hard to find games aren’t looking to just sell.

What I am looking for, is someone who would be willing to take some hi-res photos of the different pieces of artwork so that I can trace them in Illustrator and reproduce them for my own machine, and only my own machine.

However, as of this writing in February of 2007, I haven’t found a site that has the art, or anyone who is talking this much about this one piece of artwork. If you know that to not be true, please, drop me a line.

Update: July 2013 I now have photos from inside two different Ladybug machines, machines that have very similar painted illustrated artwork to the white Mr. Do!, that show Universal serial numbers. Check out this post on two different factory Mr. Do!s.

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I just picked up one of the Falcon Mr. Do! Cabinets in Winston Salem, NC. Let me know if you still have questions!

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Matthew Karabinus ยป With time and additional research conducted by multiple folks, its been determined that Mr. Do! was licensed to Glak (Magic Electronics).

Does it have painted artwork, or is the artwork vinyl?

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