Ms. Pac-man Separations Update

I had some downtime where I couldn’t use the internet last night so I spent about 25 minutes or so working on the separations for the stencils.  I got through a good portion of Ms. Pac-man herself.

I am trying to decide how to make a rule for how much the pink should bleed underneath the black, or if every piece should bleed according to what is around it.  If I can make the pink larger underneath a surrounding black part, like on her gloves and such, I think I am just going to go ahead and make it as big as possible.  This will give me more coverage in some areas in case the registration is off.

I did find out that the stencils are a one time use though.  So, even if I finish the separations for the Ms. Pac-man sideart, there is no guarantee I may get some because of the cost.  I don’t have any of the tools, the mask, the airbrush, or the paints, so above the cost for the three colors of stencils I will have to invest in the other supplies.  I will have to make some sort of decision of whether or not I will use that equipment again or not.

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