No NOS Pengo sideart exists

This week I saw someone post about wanting some NOS Sega Pengo sideart, so I got motivated to do some vectorization of the sideart of one of my favorite games.

Last night I got through 80% of the Pengo sideart. I had taken the photos, pieced them together in Photoshop and used the pieces that were already done like the Pengo lettering and Pengo himself to start my Illustrator file.

I got through everything but the sno bees on the right. Today I was having major issues trying to get a good image of the smaller sno-bees to trace. I had taken some photos close up of the sticker and I even was able to figure out my scanner with the laptop and scan the two snow bees. But no matter what I did, I couldn’t get as exact of detail as I wanted. So, I used what I had and traced sitting right next to the Pengo cabinet so I could memorize the shape and then trace it as best as I could with what I had.

Like I mentioned previously, this Pengo sideart isn’t color matched, it doesn’t have the halftone pattern, but it is a good start to work with if I ever want to have this reproduced.

~ Update May 22, 2008: Well, I ended up eating my words. A set of new, unapplied, NOS Sega Pengo sideart surfaced. I didn’t have to wait that long, and I was lucky enough to get it.

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Greetings fellow Pengo Lover:

I’ve tried catching you online to chat with, but it seems I keep just missing you. I recently acquired a very nice Pengo, one of my most beloved games from my teenage years. The game is in amazing shape with very few scratches and a few touchups needed on the coin doors. The only thing that is not good is the sideart. This is what brought me to your site.

I see you’ve acquired a NOS set of sideart. Have you ever fully reproduced the sideart? If not, if you do in the future I would certainly be interested in acquiring a set. Your site is amazing with alot of great information. My compliments on your hard work and dedication.

Regards, Steve

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Thanks for the note. However, I think I might just be buried with the Pengo sideart, both sets, the NOS original set and the alternate version, but I appreciate the sentiment.

The side decals / artwork for the Pengo cabinet will be reproduced at some point in time, you can always follow the progress on my site, the most recent being when I did the separations for the Pengo sideart back in April. But first things first, the control panel artwork which hopefully will be available soon.

I am officially putting you down as an interested party for the artwork.

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