Some days I hate arcade games

The Pengo board came today in the mail.  I double checked my voltages, I was getting 5.12 V and 11.98 V from the Power Supply, and 5.01 V and 11.89 V on the traces on the board after the edge connector is attached.

I got in one game….sort of.  The sound seems to be bearable, it doesn’t seem to be as loud so I may have fixed that.  But putting it a whole bunch of coin ups will reset the game, and half way through my game when I lined up the diamond blocks, the game reset.  I also noticed that I had unlimited guys in the lower left, but I did really only have three lives.  Then once the game reset, I noticed some of the characters were messed up.

I thought I saw a ROM 1 error flash on the screen briefly.  After I turned the game on and off again, I was getting garbage on the screen.  So, sweet.  Now what?   Am I getting wrong voltages?  The ones I read, are those wrong? I don’t think so.

I was toying with the idea to buy a brand new monitor to get rid of the old crappy G07 that is in there now, and getting rid of the isolation transformer in the Pengo machine too.  Then I could easily put in a switcher for the Power Supply and see where that leaves me.

I am going to try to research what ROM 1 is in terms of Pengo and go from there.  But, basically, the game still isn’t working and is taking up space in my basement.

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