Space Invaders Boards in the mail

I dread sending large boxes in the mail, many-fold.

  • First, I have to find the time during working hours to get over there.
  • Second, a lot of times it is crowded when you make it just before the end of the day, so you have to wait forever.
  • Third, I never have boxes around the house to put larger objects (like arcade game PCBs) in for mailing.
  • Fourth, if I even have supplies to wrap the game boards up nicely, then I have to cover the whole box with wrapping so that no wrapping is showing.
  • Fifth, it is relatively expensive to mail any classic arcade items, let alone PCBs.

But, the box with the Space Invaders PCBs is out, and I hope when it comes back, I am done with this game completely. It is becoming like the Dig Dug. I am approaching a year with this arcade game, and I don’t know what I have learned. Other than, be very careful when it comes to buying classic games if it looks like there is a board issue.

Don’t get me wrong. Alex Yeckley of Elektronforge has been great so far. He does excellent work, and he is pretty affordable if you buy the arcade game machine cheap or want to keep it. He is fast, he does ok on email, and he stands behind his work.

I at least I supposedly have a buyer, and although I am getting close to my investment threshold for what the Space Invaders Deluxe is actually worth, I am not totally tapped out and I have confidence the buyer will come through.

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