Spanish Eyes, Bronco Pinball Machines in Greenwood IN

Today was the first of two busy days for auctions coming up.

I wasn’t sure how much a Williams Spanish Eyes or a Gottleib Bronco (1977) were worth. I started to do some research, because they were close and there could be a limited audience of really educated buyers. I knew they were both old enough to be EM’s, so the demand on them would probably be sketchy.

My research from past pinball posts on the Google groups said that Spanish Eyes was a more fun and challenging pinball of the two than the Bronco. If I was lucky I might get $400 for the Spanish Eyes, and the Bronco for $350 depending on condition of course.

But I emailed a guy in my network, who I think must also have access to the Mr. Pinball price guide, and gave me a different story. The Bronco could go for as much as $675 and the Spanish Eyes for $500.

Now, seeing that I would flip them, and I am interested in having a ton of money tied up in the machines, the likely hood that I am going to get them is low. I watch a lot of people checking the games out. Both of them turned on, but had a relay problem? Both had a clicking sound constantly happening, like a new game and ball should come out but didn’t. They were in some model homes for a builder here locally, I don’t know what happened to them.

So, in the end, the Bronco auctioned for $400, and the Spanish Eyes went for $235. The Spanish Eyes could probably have made me some money, but the body had some scratches and some wear around the buttons. The Bronco was in great condition.

I let them go. I need a great deal to mess with them. There is that excitement when it comes time to bid, that was enough to start to think about owning them and learning a little more.

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