Tempest Arcade Cabinet

This Tempest cabinet is one of four I got today in my Frenzy trade.

Ever since I first met Tim Hill last December, we have been emailing about this Tempest cabinet. He said it was mine if I came and got it, but the cost of getting there with a borrowed truck or other transportation always outweighs the worth. It was empty, and just sitting around taking up space for him. So, we finally worked out this deal where I would trade him a non working but complete Stern Frenzy for Tetris, Tempest, Food Fight and Xevious cabinets. Hopefully it was a good deal for both of us but I think for me it is yet to be seen. However, he has been so helpful since I met him, and I got him a game he really wanted, so that makes me happy.

Here are some photos of the Tempest cab.

Tempest Cabinet Front AngledTempest Cabinet FrontTempest Cabinet Right SideTempest Cabinet Back

I decided on the way home today that I think I am going to sell it. The weight of having 7 cabs in my garage currently, and then the idea of tracking down all the parts for a game that I don’t feel strongly about got to me. Plus, it is the one cab that I hope can make back some of my travel costs.

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