Updates on Mr. Do! leads

I finally heard back from Mark Deroller, and after a lot of searching through years of past emails, he can’t find contact information for the people that bought his Mr. Do! over five years ago. So as of right now, I consider that white Mr. Do! lead dead. I am back to looking through links of arcade collectors sites, hoping to find a collector who has a website with photos of this Mr. Do! that hasn’t made a predominant profile on one of the major coin-op collecting databasing sites.

As for the white Mr. Do! that Rob Carroll auctioned on ebay, the buyer finally came and picked it up. His name is Bruce Kubu, and I have gotten his contact information from Rob. Bruce and I have been in touch, and after a couple of follow ups, he sent me some photos of the remaining Mr. Do! cherries at the top of the curve of the bezel, the last piece I was missing. I hope to trace that before the week is up, and finally finish the white Mr. Do! bezel nearly 5 months after I started piecing it together.

So what is next in finding out more about the rare white Mr. Do! with sideart? I am not sure. Wait for an ebay auction of the machine to pop up? Check with Walt Glassett again to see if he has any leads? Call Universal Games directly to see if I can track down exactly what Gleeb was? I don’t know. I will cross that bridge when I get to it, and I get the motivation.

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