Xevious Cabinet

The second of four cabinets I got today.

It was the same story with this cabinet. As you can see, it was converted a while back into the loathsome Capcom Bowling and Tim said it was mine if I came and got it, but the cost of getting there with a truck or something else that isn’t mine always outweighed the worth.

Here are some photos of the cab.

Xevious Cabinet Right AngledXevious Cabinet Back AngledXevious Cabinet Left Back AngledXevious Cabinet Front Left Angled

It has some cross beams that will be refastened, but it isn’t in bad condition. The question is, will I have the same luck removing the latex black paints on the sides that I did with the Dig Dug restore? It is the classic Atari latex sideart, so I am hoping so. But for the value of the game, I can’t do too much with it. If it doesn’t come off nicely, I will just have to wait for an Xevious that comes closer to me. They all seem to come up in Florida.

~Edit – I tried some Goof Off on the cabinet. The whites are always a problem, they may be even more so on this one. But you have to love that Atari sideart. Such great opportunities for restores. This is about 20 minutes of work, most of it waiting.
Xevious - Start Paint Removal Goof Off

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