Barry Bonds Hits Home Run 756, Beating Hank Aaron

I watched Barry hit is 71st home run in the second where he broke Mark McGwire’s fledging Home Run record, but I didn’t get to see him do it last night. Nor did I care.

But he did finally do it, and the pressure is off of him. Barry Bonds has finally broken Hank Aaron’s 33 year standing home run record of 755 home runs.

I wanted Barry to retire a couple of years ago, and with his knee injury I thought he may never make it here. But in some respects, he may have a season or two left of teetering out. He may hit as many as 30 homers this year, which is still a decent amount even among normal players.

The question for me, is how long will he be around. He has hinted about playing next season but for who? The Giants suck, largely I believe because of Barry and how much of their daily lives revolve around him. Now that there is no record, will the resign him? Or will he go to an American League team where he can DH?

Will he stay around long enough to hit 800 home runs? I would say that would depend on next season, if he stays around, and where he is. If he has a decent season next year and gets within close striking distance, I would say just like Barry, he’ll stick around just to reach 800 home runs.

I just really hope Alex Rodriguez continues to stay healthy and in the hunt so that Barry doesn’t own this record for more than ten years. He is hardly the humble, grateful player you want to own the record or nearly as stand up of a guy as Hank Aaron.

Rodriguez is no Aaron either, but he’s a lot better than Barry, and not a bad guy.

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