Day 4 of my week off

Sarah had a long day at camp yesterday, so she slept in today and I with her.

Around 10:30 she got a bug to go outside and weed. We went and did the front garden in the lawn, right below the kitchen window, and then we went over to the west side yard and started to work there. She was feeling really ambitious in the things she wanted me to do, and she asked if we could finally dig out the trees that were in the flower bed.

We had chopped them down two years ago? But I knew this would be a chore, and the previous owners never did anything, you could see multiple stumps on one where the tree had grown again many times.

It took me until about 12:45 to dig out two separate stumps. The roots went right next to the foundation and curved every which way, it was a pain. Digging out anything is a pain in our clay based ground, I had to have Sarah go out and get a spade shovel finally to do the job.

When I got back inside it was back to work on the blog. I started changing the post dates on my some 550 plus posts. This ended up taking me all day! I did finish it really late, but that is pretty much all I did all day. I worked on the theme a little bit more but it was a boring day of work and not very fulfilling.

I took a break for lunch to watch “Just Like Heaven”, a girlie movie Sarah had borrowed which I got sucked into. I am ashamed to say it was pretty good.

Then when Sarah got home just after 4 we went out and saw Shrek 3 at 4:30. That was, ok. I didn’t laugh all that much, and the movie really dragged on in parts. But I thought it was a fairly interesting story with the usual nice work ins of other fairy tale creatures from other stories. I’d be curious to see where they go with Shrek 4 in 2009.

On the way back we stopped and got my phone from Sprint.  It wasn’t holding a charge, so I had it looked at.  The battery was “defective” they said, and it had a year manufacturer warranty, so I got it replaced for free.

When we got back I worked more on the dates, and Sarah made dinner. I worked and worked the rest of the night. We took a short break together to play some Ms. Pac-man, but that was it.

I hope tomorrow to do some more productive stuff, shorter things I can finish and get a better sense of accomplishment.

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