Final Day Off

Sarah found out in the morning that she didn’t have to go into Wheeler, and much like me, she was pretty excited about being able to be at home to do whatever she wanted.  She spent most of the day cleaning around the house, but that made her feel good so more power to her.

I spent my early morning getting ready for a lunch meeting. I organized files on my laptop and get some other materials together.  We met at 11:30 with a friend from church and talked about a website for her father and his fish fry.  We had some of the food, very good, especially the corn hush puppies.

On the way back we ran a couple of errands, including up to the vacuum  store to get a replacement belt for the cleaner. The guy there said you should change the belt every 9 months, we don’t think it has ever been changed, so probably a good reason why it was stretched 25% larger than it should be.  We also hope it starts to clean better now as a result.

When we got back, I took a couple of hours to writeup my proposal for the website since I knew I didn’t want to have to worry about it later on during the weekend.  It was then just after 5, and I sat down to try to finish the tracing on the Mr. Do Bezel that I had been putting off all week.

Sarah made some dinner, so I took a short break.  Around 7:45 Jeff and Sarah arrived and Patrick and Katie right after.

Of course, we weren’t ready.  Always embarrassing.  So, we gathered up drinks, chairs and popcorn, and all carpooled over to the Drive In’s.  On the way over, Sarah realized she left a candle burning, so she came all the way back to blow it out and barely made it back in time for the opening.

We saw The Bourne Ultimatum, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.  Bourne was very good, Chuck and Larry just so so.  I laughed at some parts, but there was a lot of humor that was trying too hard.

During intermission I went and played the Austin Powers pinball in the concession stand.  I enjoyed that one quite a bit, and may like to own it.  I didn’t care for the color pencil illustration on the backglass though.  The gameplay was fun, there were some characters and the whole machine was very colorful.  I like the theme, but I am a stickler for artwork, so I don’t know if I could get it just for that backglass.  I need to try to find someone who owns a Batman pinball close by and try that.

The Drive-In was packed, I was pretty surprised.  The commercial at intermission said they are planning on continuing to operate, even though they don’t make much money off ticket prices.  They make most of their money off of concessions, and we brought everything in.  But seriously, again, way too expensive for one night out if you ask me if you do concessions too, so I don’t know where I fall in that grey area of saving the theater and paying too much.

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