I wish weekend sleeping-in really was more over-rated

The dog is getting us prepped for having children.   Granted, it’s not the middle of the night and not too early, but Nokes was up and needing to go out about 5:30 this morning.  Fortunately he went back to sleep and allowed us to do so until the wicked crazy late hour of 7:00 am.  Didn’t matter, we were getting up anyway.

It was cool outside, so Sarah went out and chopped down all of our fun little trees growing out of the base of the fence.  I went for a run.

I am going over to Rater’s house this morning to borrow their vehicle and trailer and going up to Fort Wayne with it.  I am trading one arcade machine that should only need a new motherboard for four almost empty cabinets.

When I got to their house, I was a little early, and I needed it.  I have borrowed their vehicle two other times over the last year, and I don’t think I have ever put in the hitch.  Well, it is rusted out on the vehicle, and it doesn’t help apparently when you put it in with the wrong ball up.  But, from after some humorous antics from an onlookers standpoint I am sure, we got things squared away and I was ready to roll.

I came home and got my Frenzy game and Sarah was great to help me take it apart some and rope it down.  The original plan was to get up early enough to get on the road and get to Fort Wayne by 11:00.  Well, it was about 10:10 and I knew that wouldn’t happen.  I did make decent time I guess, with a trailer on back of me, and arrived just after noon.

First Tim and I switched cabinets in the trailer, and then we went inside Pizza Hut and had some lunch.  I brought my laptop with me, with my scanner, and was planning on scanner in some arcade pieces that Tim had brought at my request.  Another collector had asked me to get some images for him, and I thought it would be a nice favor.

We had some lunch, and it was taking me a really long time.  I would have had to make Tim wait another hour plus after we were done, so I decided to just take as many flat photos as I could of the bezels and marquees that he had.

The trip back home wasn’t nearly as gripping as the trip last year from Nashville.  I think it is a good idea to just leave the tarp out, all it can give you is textbook heart failure.  I did hit a brief sprinkle, but nothing to be worried about for the wood.

I got home just after 4, and got to see a piece of the Tigers game.  That was the original idea, get home to see the Tigers play the Yankees on Fox, but it barely happened.

Both Sarah and I returned the trailer, and then we stopped at Jeff and Sarah’s to let out their dog.

When we got home, we had some dinner and chilled for the rest of the night.  Sarah read her book, I think she is on Prince Caspian.  She had a busy day too, before I forget.  She cleaned the whole house, gave Nokes a bath, and went up to school for alter guild setup.

I finished off the night working on the laptop, adding images to Rotheblog of what I got today, emailing out the scans I took, posting one of the cabinets for sale, and responding to emails etc. etc.  We got to bed around 11:30.

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