Lifting, Working and Vegging

The morning came fast after such a crazy night. I told my body the night previous that we would skip lifting. My body in turn said, “Fine, here’s a headache.” Then I decided that I was going to go in and try to keep excommunicating the fat, so I had to shake off the cloudy cabeza and get focused.

Soon after I got back I was supposed to be selling the never ending Dig Dug project. A bidder had won it on ebay, but in true Dig Dug, or Jeff fashion maybe, I turn on the game and it goes all digital sqaurey on me and I see some faint hints of a Rom error or two flash on the screen. So the guy arrives, nice guy, and I have to explain to him why I suck and why he can’t buy his machine today. He seemed to understand, and I tried to be as nice as possible, sending some other related information his way via email later. Plus, hey, I got to meet one other under the radar collector here in the Indy area.

I got showered and headed into work for a couple of hours on a deadline.  Sarah met up with Kate down at Southport road to do some shopping and just hang out.  We both got home after 2 pm.  I popped in Scubs, Season 1 Disc 2 and we both pretty much watched that start to finish.

There was some talk today of going to the pool with Lori and Kenny, but they ended up having other things to do.  So, I worked on transferring another section of blog posts, and Sarah did some reading.

About dinner time we got something to eat and I put in Disturbia, which Doug from work lent me.  That was pretty good, I was surprised that I liked it as much as I did.  My expectations were pretty low though.

I had a thank you letter to write, and soon after it was time for bed.  I watched some SNL in bed, and Sarah stayed up I guess until 2 am, she was really engaged in the book she was reading and had to finish it.  Good time to do it.  When the big lumbering husband is zonked and the puppy is too.

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