Nobles down for a visit

Today was a productive day at work.

I knew there were plenty of things to do before our guests arrived tonight.  I made a call to the guy who bought the Mr. Do! from Rob Caroll to talk about some photos.

I then sent out an email to Canon about upgrading my scanner to work with Vista 64 bit.  Then there were a ton of the little time consumers that add up.  I had to clean the guest room, take care of letting out the dog and feeding him, and unload the dishwasher.

The main task for tonight, well, I can’t get into that.  I had to do some writing and some updating:)  But, by the time the Nobles arrived, I didn’t finish what I needed.

Once they got here, and unloaded, we sat around and chatted. We talked about stuff that boring grown ups talk about, things that are going on in our lives.  For us it’s our dog, for them it’s mostly school and professional growth.

We played some Yahtzee for awhile and had some rousing debates about Christian music and responsibilities of grown ups!

With a bottle of wine in me, and the night mostly behind us, we popped in a movie.  I am sitting here typing this, and we’ll all be konking soon I am sure.  Hey, we’re old now.

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