Nobles Visit – Day 3

With no church in the morning, I thought it might be nice to take a “mystery” trip and take everyone to Long’s Donuts. I tried to take a back way to throw Sarah off and make it a surprise for everyone. But there aren’t that many ways to get there so she didn’t stay fooled for very long.

That was the first time they had Long’s and they liked them quite a bit. Most people do notice at least that they are a higher quality donut for a great price.

After our sugar binge, we tried to find something to do. We did some poking around on the internet, but most things opened at noon so that didn’t give us much time if they wanted to leave around 2:00 pm. We thought about going to a water park or to an area to swim, but again, it came down to 2 hours wasn’t enough time so we just skipped it.

So instead, we played some sequence and talked. It was a lot of fun, and more lively, sometimes sequence can be a quite deliberating game.

We had some lunch, burgers, salad and watermelon and they were on their way.

Soon after they left, Sarah went up to school to work in her room. I worked on my blog, updating some other information and sent out some emails to some contacts.

All the while I was trying to finalize our plans for tonight. David was stopping in on his way back from Chicago, and Christine and I were going to try to meet him for dinner. We all met up at Target first, the GI Joe 25th anniversary figures are out and David wanted to see if they had any.

From there we went to El Mason, a Mexican restaurant down off Emerson by County Line Road. The food was good, I was pleased. It was just a short dinner, you could tell that David had been “on” all weekend and both he and Kevin were tired. We had a couple of laughs, and got to see all of the cool presents David brought us, including J. Scott Campbell head sketches and sketchbooks. (I wrote all about that in my comic section).

When I got home Sarah still wasn’t back. I scanned my sketch and found an image of the sketchbook and made a post online. That took me forever for some reason. Sarah came home and was in a good mood. She had gone through a lot of stuff in her room and really felt prepared.  She sorted through all sorts of old books, and boxes that last year she had just stashed or hidden in her class room because of time.

Then I had one other thing I had committed to doing that involved some heavy thinking and concentration.  I didn’t finish with that until 11:30.  Sarah and I had a glass of cataba, thanks Christine, talked more about our days and then went to bed.

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