One Savior, a bunch of Pirates and a guy going to war

That was our day:)

We got up and walked the dog before church.  We went to late service, which made things super fun because we were going to have Lori over for breakfast.  Sarah had blueberries, so we were going to have pancakes with bacon.  I am sure everything tasted good as we wolfed it down, trying to make it to a 1:00 showing of Pirates of the Carribean – At World’s End (Finally at the cheap theaters).

The movie was pretty fantastically executed and had some stunning imagery.  But, I didn’t find it nearly as entertaining as either of the first two.  Maybe that is why it earned so much less than the less one.

We made a quick stop afterwards at Best Buy for some laptop cleaner.  We saw Jeff there, he was really out of it, very weird.  We almost ran him over trying to get his attention and then even when we drove up to block in his truck 🙂 he just seemed very out of character.

We stopped in just briefly at home to see that the Tigers won, and then headed over to McCartney’s for a little going away party for Aaron who is going to boot camp.  We were only there for about an hour, but in that short time I volunteered to do Habitat for Humanity in two weeks.

When we got home the rest of the night was work for the both of us.  Her parents called and talked for a little bit.  I did some more blog transfers, and she did school work prep.  I also took the time to try to figure out how the R-Type was put together so I could put a different monitor in it to try to get it sold.  I got a better understanding, but no answers really.

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