Single and Double Quotes – Copy and Paste from Dreamweaver to WordPress

Last week when I was having the major issues with bad characters that was causing my server to overload, I guessed that it was because of corrupted characters.

But I know after tonight, it has to do with single and double quotes that I copied and pasted out of Dreamweaver.

The quotes aren’t the same in “Design” view as they are when you paste them into a “Write Post” textarea in WordPress.  Now, you might be able to copy the HTML encoding for quotes, but this is not what I was doing.

So, want to max, overload, and crash your server with WordPress?  Copy and paste out of Dreamweaver into WordPress.  Even set on “Linux” characters translation, it doesn’t matter.

With so much copy and pasting, I will just have to watch it.  But it truly is a smart idea to post into Notepad, or PSPad first out of any software, even one as robust and one you wouldn’t think would create bad characters like Dreamweaver.

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