Day 3 – Transferring static blog into WordPress

Yesterday I finished up all of the daily life posts!  I was happily surprised and felt a lot better.  I feel like that is one of the largest chunks of work to do on the site.

Or at least I thought.  When I have started to go through some of the other sections, I realize that the larger chunk of time may come in when working with images inside of the pages.

Plus the intricacies of each page and the design of it being a little different inside a solution that is a little constraining without further plugins and such.

I also got through all of the posts for the two dogs, which was a good amount of stuff too.

I am loosing some steam.  I know the work from here on out isn’t as repetitive, which can make things easy.  I want to go through and change all of the post dates, but so far I have 583 entries, and probably only 200 entries with the right dates. So it will be quite the process.

I just know, I like writing new posts, filing them, and knowing that I may never have to touch them again:)

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