WordPress 2.2.2 still crashing my server

Well, after a long day, I didn’t get anything figured out.

I made a long, detailed post on the WordPress forums about my issues, but not one person replied. I don’t know if that is a newbie thing, that no one responds to new posters, but the forums seems heavily trafficked.

I thought briefly, that made I had to update my .htaccess file for the blog. But then I figured out that WordPress doesn’t come with a default .htaccess file, you have to make one. It seems like most people use it for permalinks using the mod_rewrite function of the server. I hadn’t gotten that far, so I hadn’t created one yet.

I made a blank file on the server through ftp, and then I didn’t touch the site for the rest of the day. Little did I know this caused an internal 500 server error. I didn’t figure that out until just now:)

So, with no replies, and no luck finding anything else, I am preparing for my site to be shut down tomorrow night right when we have company. At least I told my host to just remove the wordpress version and leave the regular site.

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