Nokes was a very bad boy

I had written that I have been leaving Nokes out in the house for short periods of time, no more than two hours usually.  I hate that we own a dog, but have to have him shut up in a crate all day long.  Seems counterproductive to the idea of having a pet.

So when I went to the gym last night, I left him out.  I got a rude awakening, and no indication that something like this would happen.  He had been an angel until this point.

He shredded a paper bag full of papers that were supposed to go to recycling, and he also tore apart one of our newer rugs that was hanging over the child gate by the steps.

He was so happy to see me, I was firm, but what can you do?  Scold him really firmly for something he already did?  I just now know we can’t leave him out all the time, and he always has to be in his crate.  It makes me sad, but I am just glad he didn’t chew up my laptop power cord.  That would have been the worst.

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