Progress on the Xevious

We had a Discover gift card from last Christmas, and we had to go to Menard’s on Saturday so I decided to pick up the industrial liquid container of Goof Off.  I worked on the top corner of the game, just scraping off a little bit to see how I would apply it and how well the liquid worked.  Pretty much worked the same, and it is difficult to apply but by unit it is cheaper as a larger container.

I was killing some time, so I just took apart some other things.  I took out the marquee and chucked it, and used the goo gone on the auction sticker on the plexiglass.  I found a major mouse nest behind the marquee that I had to vaccum out, that was fun.

Then I peeled off all of the bowling lane pattern on the wood on the marquee as well as the overlay on the control panel.  There was a hack job done to the control panel for sure, some shotty bondo work, and there were a ton of extra holes in the cpanel.  I have my work cut out for me if I see this thing through.

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