R-Type monitor mounted and working!

I got news on the Jr. Pac-man progress yesterday, and it lit a fire under me to get back at the R-Type again.

This whole hooking up the monitor to an isolation transformer inside the cab would have been something easy for just about anyone. But I was paranoid. I didn’t want to ruin a working monitor, and worse yet, I didn’t want to have something happen to the tube, or something else exploding if something was hooked up wrong.

All that was left when I got home from work yesterday was to put wire nuts on the power lines for the R-Type monitor and power it up.

I got power, the neck glowed, but I got no image on screen. I figured it had to do with the weird RGB configuration and that I would have to make a new connector.

Later, when I got home, I had some time. Sarah needed to use the computer so time to finish the R-Type monitor task. I found a molex connector in my bag of connectors that would work. I took a look at the older connector that I left on the Mr. Do! machine, wired the new one up, and on the first power up I had a picture!

I was pumped. It was flipped so one dip switch fixed that. The image was a little stretched too, so a little pot adjustment and that was taken care of took. I put the WG4700 series monitor in the R-Type and got everything wired back up correctly and played a game.

I feel proud I figured it out, and I took the time to research everything. Hopefully tomorrow I can finally list it on ebay.

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