Space Invaders Deluxe Boards Fixed!

I got an email back from Alex tonight. He got the boards, did his tests, and fixed them. It was the problem that I had narrowed down with the power supply, this is what he said;

We did find that the -5V voltage regulator on your power regulator board had failed. It’s been replaced, and the power regulator is working properly again.

The motherboard and sound board both tested OK – luckily the problem with the power regulator board didn’t do any damage to them.

My biggest concern was that the Space Invader that was racing across the screen when you plugged the game in was permanent damage. We had left the game on for awhile on the first night that I got it back in April, and I thought for sure that the wrong voltages had corrupted chips on the main PCB. This was something that Alex had indicated to me, and I wasn’t sure if that would be an additional expense because, really…that would have been my fault in a sense.

But, it sounds like things should work out fine. I just hope I still have a buyer when it gets sent back to me.

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