BW3’s has the worst service on the history of the planet.

After church, I met with Rick to take a look at the computer lab. I wanted to see what was on the computer there for an operating system and other software so I knew what to expect when I ran my work / training session on using WordPress to maintain the church website in 3-4 weeks. That is, if they had sufficient resources, and I think they do.

From there, we heading out with Wes and Kate and Brown’s down to BW3 or Buffalo Wild Wings in Greenwood. Now, this would have never been my first choice, but we were celebrating for a reason I can’t disclose. (Not for us) I have never thought much of Buffalo Wild Wings, but I don’t really do wings. I think their menu is overpriced for the food you get. They just seem to have a really good marketing campaign.

So, it was just before the game, and it was crazy of course. But we sat there, and we waited an hour for our food. The people behind us who came in after us, same waitor, got their food without ours in sight. The tv’s were horrible for the game, projection screens with the sound distorted you literally couldn’t understand what they were saying. Plus, they had the damn tv’s programmed to all sorts of different games, and only one or two to the Colts. Who cares about Buffalo and New Orleans? Seriously, turn it to the damn Colts, every channel. And stick the random Bengals fan off in the corner.

So, we got up and left. It was total crap how long we waited for something simple. The waitor just kept telling us 5-10 minutes, he must have known we were going to tip him crap even if we ever got our food. But why did the people behind us get priority? Sounds like someone isn’t pushing hard enough in back. I may not be sympathetic to the wait staff crowd here, but seriously, think that through and you know I am right.

Sarah was more angry than me, and is going to write a letter. We’ll see if she has the time.

So we went down to Brown’s, got Donato’s pizza, and just chilled with Deuce to watch the game. It was a nail biter, the Colts almost gave it away to a much improved Titans team with Vince Young full of confidence this year.

When we got back, I was supposed to play Tennis with Dave, but things didn’t work out. I still had to finish the quote I was working on, do some follow up calls, and do the website updates from yesterday.

Soon after the phone calls started. We talked with her parents, and I talked with Justin for awhile and got to play some minesweeper. Sarah headed to bed at a decent time, I stayed up and did some post transfers on Rotheblog and then watched a half hour of the Lonely Hearts movie we rented on Saturday.

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