Colts game at Grubbs house

Was productive in the morning, knew today would be crammed. I reworked a quote before we headed off to church.

We stayed after and talked with friends, kind of killing a little bit of time. Then we headed straight over to Grubbs house for the Colts game. Sarah made Sangria, and Lori picked up some sandwhichs and made some dip. Relaxing way to spend a Sunday, other than the fact that the Colts made it a close game against the Texans, almost letting them come back similar to Tennessee last week. We took a break during halftime to watch Sarah Silverman on the MTV movie awards just a week ago, she is pretty outrageous and ballsy.

Doug called me after the game to let me know Dave needed some graphics done, and he wanted me to check my email when I had a chance and write up a plan of attack, so I had to get that done when I got back home.

When we got back, I finished coding a webpage for a client, and then sent out that email.

We had the “Sunday Conversation” with my parents, and then it was time for season premieres for Simpsons and Family Guy. Finished off the night working on some more freelance stuff. It has been a really busy time for that right now, I can’t get ahead.

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