Having company forces you to start cleaning

I got out of work early today because my boss is so nice.  I picked up Sarah and we went to the gym and lifted.

We got home, and then went back out on our bikes to run some errands, stopping at the bank, the movie store and Aldi for some buns and green peppers.

Then when we got back, the cleaning started.  Sarah did some vacuuming, I organized papers that needed to find a home and picked up general clutter.  I didn’t have much of that to do, so I sat down and transferred a whole section of blog posts over to the new blog.  Sarah then went into her office with the idea that she was going to clean it up.

She didn’t finish before her parents arrived around 9:30.  But her mom helped her clean, which more power to them.  I can’t be in there without being less than helpful, and they got one heck of a mess cleaned up and more importantly, filed away so we could use the bed in that room.

We took it easy, just sat around and talked and then finished the night off with some tv and part of a movie.

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