I loath Indiana clay, and digging in it.

In the early morning we went to the gym, met Dave there around 9:30. From there we made a stop at Menards to get me some electrical terminals, and then we went to Petsmart. I was so looking forward to seeing the other puppies, but there were none there. Foiled again. We got some dog food for Nokes, and a new knotted rope with a handle because he trashed his puppy rope, and headed home.

First it was breakfast, eggs and hashbrowns, and then we sat down for a half an hour and I watch This Week In Baseball. I haven’t seen that in forever, man how the format has changed.

It was about 12:30 and we headed outside. Today was the day. I had marked on the calendar later in the summer to get outside, hopefully when it was a little cooler, and start digging out our 6+ tree stumps that are growing next to the fence posts in our yard. What a pain, and I knew it would be, but right after a workout in the hot weather, it zapped me. We were outside until 3 working on those, some we had to trim below the surface and pray they didn’t come back, some we had to trash the fence to even get them out they had grow into the chain so bad.

Inside, I took a nap while watching the Yankees Red Sox game, peeking in from time to time just to know what was going on.

Around 7ish, I got up and got back to work, did some more Rotheblog post transfers, and then did some freelance updates.

I don’t remember what I did for the rest of the night. At some point I took the new terminals and attached them to the Pengo, and I also figured out that the voltages were way too high, so who knows if I fried my board or not.

We watched a little bit of SNL and went to bed.

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