Laptop is in the mail

I finally got to send it out on Saturday morning before the gym.

Friday night, I went over to Indyweb’s new location and Mike helped me back up my hard drive. It was pretty easy actually, the drive in the laptop is a SATA, so I should be able to mess around with it at home as well on my SATA hard drive enclosure.

He didn’t end up charging me anything for the 20 minutes of work. I barely had any files on the computer really, so it was an easy job. We did it pretty quick, put some on my flash, some on a CD.

Later on Friday night I hooked up my drive again to my desktop and I just went through and deleted personal files. Don’t like the idea of HP going through my DV9225 laptop to fix stuff and just browsing through whatever. The whole process is very invasive, I don’t like it at all.

Fedex told me that it didn’t matter whether I brought the box by on Friday night or Saturday morning, it wouldn’t arrive to Monday either way. So, I took that time to do the backup Friday night and went Saturday instead.

Now, 7-9 days to fix. They will probably have to replace the motherboard if video is built on. Not a small deal, glad it is under warranty. I will have to check with them Thurs-Fri to see where things are at.

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I posted on this earlier. I am looking to build a class action suite to stop HP’s deceptive practices.

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