More Marley, baseball and bonfires

We ran the laptop by Fedex in the morning really quick and then met Dave at the gym at 9:30.

After we were done, I said Dave could come over for breakfast if he wanted, and being a single guy, I haven’t seen him turn down the offer yet:) We stopped to pick up some groceries and a gift card at Target, and then we headed to the post office where I needed to mail out some arcade boards to get fixed.

While Sarah and Dave cooked, I ran to Blockbuster and the bank. When I got home, we all ate quickly.

Dave made some large pancakes that were supposed to be crepes, we think next time we’ll concentrate on making them crispier. We also had waffles, links, and eggs. Dave had to run out to get ready for the Vincent wedding.

Sarah and I sat down and read our 30 pages or so of Marley. Towards the end of that amount we started to get really choked up. They had started to talk about putting him down, and that was just a little too close to home after what happened to us in February. We weren’t sure if we could keep reading together out loud, so fortunately it was our quota for the day, and it was time to stop.

Sarah headed off to the Settle wedding that she got invited too, turns out the reception was right across from the street of our old apartment.

Sarah left and I mowed the back yard. Everything has been growing like crazy. This past week, wham!, fall hit. All of a sudden we have these really cool temperatures, we open up the house, I am wearing wind breakers in the morning. Temps here are like a lightswitch. It was cold in the morning when I got up and wandered around to find my breakfast.

Came inside, I had a quote to do and some website updates. The updates I couldn’t do, the website was down, so I turned on the Red Sox Yankees game and laid down. I was really cozy, it was nice to take a nap, watch the game, and watch the Red Sox whoop the Yankees 10-1. Sarah called during to see if I wanted to come to the reception, apparently it was fine. But there was no way I was moving.

Later on, Dave called from the wedding. He wanted to know what we were doing after, sounded like maybe we would all get together and go out to Wes and Kate’s for a bonfire. Sounded like fun. I had a late dinner, worked on the quote a little bit, and then we headed out.

Paula and Dave both came as well as Styf’s. It was a gorgeous night, we setup some powerful free standing lights and tossed a football around. The girls sat by the fire and talked, some about the wedding, mostly about general stuff. We had some drinks and just chilled out. Wes was really funny tonight, so we just let him do all the talking. Styf’s had to leave pretty early, they had a house guest, so it was just the six of us for most of the night, and it was pretty low key. But that was just the perfect way to end the day.

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