Can’t get my Illustrator crop marks to go away!

This was a problem I was having this morning. I had an Illustrator file that I hadn’t built originally that I had edit and adjust the document size on, and a there were some corresponding crop marks with the original document dimensions.

I was used to using a filter to make crop marks, so I looked through the file to find locked artwork paths for the crop marks, but to no avail. I didn’t realize that there was an object now where you can easily make, preserve, and re-use crop marks.

All I had to do to unlock and edit those pesky crop marks that I couldn’t resize was;

Object > Crop Area > Release

This release the marks back to the original artwork and allowed me to resize them for the document area. Then I just did the opposite from the same menu;

Object > Crop Area > Make

And I was good to go again. They wouldn’t have even mattered, but, when you make these cropmarks and export a document as a raster image, it would use the cropmarks as the cropping area. Novel idea. So I had to resize them before I could the adjusted Illustrator file.

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