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This was the problem I was having. I couldn’t figure out how to keep certain posts at the top of a section of posts in a category. There were some categories that I had what I would consider an “introduction” that I wanted to always be on top. This kind of breaks the format of a blog, but this is how I like things.

I did some searching on category related plugins, but the wp-sticky plugin is really what I was looking for.

When you go to write a new post, on the right column of options, you will see a new section called “Post Sticky Status”. There are three options;

  • Announcement
  • Sticky
  • Normal

This is what each of these options mean.

  • “Normal” post is just what you write every day, it falls into the chronological order of your posts for that category.
  • “Sticky” post is a post that will be on the top of your group of posts for that day, breaking the chronological order but not permanently. When you post tomorrow, that sticky post will be bumped down the page.
  • “Announcement” post will permanently stay at the top of the page.

An announcement post is what I was looking for, something to break the chronological order and always be on top. But I like the option to sticky a post as well, to order a set of posts by day.

Great plugin for this need, easy to use. If you are looking for a WordPress plugin to change the order of your posts and always keep a post on top of a page, WP-Sticky is your plugin.


After I wrote this post, I noticed that the “Announcement” option was also taking over the heirarchy of my posts on my homepage, not category specific.  There is an option to set it to only categories though, here is what you do;

Options > Sticky

“Categories Only” = Yes

By default, “Categories Only” is set to “No”.  Just set it to “Yes”, and you should be able to control the hierarchy only within categories.

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